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Bengalstudents SiteAuthor Programs


Your will be paid for your posted content as given below:

(*** avoid already published materials in bengalstudents website. in that case no payment will be issued )

  • Question Papers ( Rs 25/- for each question paper post )
  • Exam notifications & news ( Rs 15/- each post )
  • Answer Sheets of Exams ( Rs 100/- each post )
  • Exam Suggestions ( Rs 100/- each post )
  • Forum Post ( Rs 5/- per Post )
  • Blog Post ( Rs 5/- per post )
  • Current Affairs Related News and Post ( Rs 50/- per post)


Content / Study Material development :

Presently we have opening for article writing job. There will be very basic topics of Madhyamik , Higher Secondary (arts, Science, Commerce ), competitive exam like WBCS, WBJEE, Polytechnic, WB school Service, WBPSC, WBSSC etc  - on which you have to write an article - payment will be made per word of your article basis - If you are interested please contact via SiteAuthor Programs.

 "We will send you, the payment for your work to your residence (or as per your consideration), via cheque. The rate for article writing is 0.10/- per word. Usually, no extra payment is made for diagrams/illustrations. However, you must incorporate suitable diagrams/illustrations in your article (this will be checked before publishing). Besides, if the publisher recommends you will be paid for your illustrations (publishers' recommendation is the sole criterion on this issue)."


Content Quality:

1.The content should be unique and creative, interesting and informative. The language ( English or Bengali) should be very easy to understand. You should maintain the size of your article from 500 to 1000 words long. 

2.) The content should not be copied from any book or internet - even you should refrain from copying  the style of writing of books or other sources - the total structure and language should be in your own.




Steps For Content publishing in

1 Register in Bengalstudents.

2. Apply for SiteAuthor Account.

3. On Approval you can submit above mention contents from your account.

4. BengalStudents publisher will verify your material once and publish.


Program Policies and Terms & Conditions:

Please Read following before joining the SiteAuthor Program:

  1. SiteAuthor Terms and Conditions
  2. Content guidelines
  3. Prohibited contents




1. When i get paid and how?

Ans. You will get paid when your earnings crosses Rs.100/- limit and we will send you cheque.



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BengalStudents SiteAuthor Terms and Conditions  SiteAuthor Standard Terms and Conditions

Bengalstudents Prohibited content

 Prohibited content
Want to make sure your content is not violating Bengalstudents Content policies? Check a detailed explanation and example of each of our content policies.

Adult content

Bengalstudents Content guidelines

SiteAuthor may not be publish any type of content prohibited by our program policies, including adult or mature, gambling-related, copyrighted, violent, or hateful content. It's your responsibility to ensure that all of your content adhere to these policies.